Authentic Straw Market Baskets.


We have worked with some amazing artisans to come up with a design for these beautiful woven baskets, which work perfectly as stylish beach bags. They are large enough to hold your towel, suncream, book and any other holiday essentials!


With a fully lined interior, small straw handles and longer dark leather straps, you can either wear this as a handbag or throw it over your shoulder as a hold-all beach bag.


Each basket comes with seven large colourful pom-poms of your choice. (Please pick between 1-3 colours and we will arrange them how we think looks best)


Each pom-pom has been hand-crafted by women in Northern Thailand (women we came in touch with on our travels last year!) To complete the design, we also hand-sew a gold-plated label onto the front of each bag, which are hand-stamped here in Dublin with either your initals or your name.


*If you have any special requests with regards to the customisation of your beach-bag, please contact us directly via email with more details*

* Please also email directly for bulk orders*