Our 'Raw' Levis are cut straight across the leg with a slightly distressed edge.

Our 'Distressed' Levis are cut across the leg with a frayed edge, with all-over distressing to the pockets, ends and legs for that perfect 'lived in' look. They are slightly shorter and a lot more distressed than our Raw Levi Shorts. (as seen on Vogue Williams)

Each and every pair of our denims started their life as a pair of mom-jeans. They have stories to tell and have history in their seams, making them all the more special.

We hand pick only the best 'grade A' vintage for you, with all of our Levis being the iconic 501 high-waisted fit. We then cut each pair across the legs, about 2/3" below the back pocket for that perfect "cut-off" look.

Vintage Levi 501s – The quintessential pair of Levi’s. Personally, we think this fit is flattering on every size and it does wonders for the bum. This is a button fly, straight leg, mid rise fit. I think some of the magic comes from the fact that the back panel of fabric on a 501 is cut wider than the front panel. That means that the fabric from the back panel wraps around your rear to give it a hug & lift. The waistline of the 501 also takes a flattering dive down from back to front nipping the waist at just the right angle & giving you curves all around.

Sizing - Our vintage denim does not play ball with the whole "vanity sizing" thing that most modern brands seem to be doing. Instead we pay attention to the measured size of the jeans. When you’re buying from us online, follow the measurement guide or make sure to pop us an email if you need any help at all! Vintage Levis run much smaller than modern denim, and for the most part, we ask you to forget the size-tag. Because these beauties have had past lives, some come up smaller or larger by a few inches than what they say on the waist, which is why we hand-pick and measure every pair for the best fit for you!

We do not accept returns on any made-to-order items, including Distressed Levi shorts.



    Remember, good quality, vintage denim gets better with each and every wear, so don't over-wash these gems! And keep them away from the tumble-dryer unless you want to shrink 'em!

    • High-Waisted
    • Button Fly
    • Levi 501s
    • Vintage
    • Handwash & Airdry


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